Personal data protection and management:



PLASTICON COMPOSITES cares about personal data protection. It commits to guarantee the best protection level to your personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act. The Data Protection Policy hereby describes how PLASTICON COMPOSITES, as well as all the entitities belonging to the same group, handle your personal data when you visit our website and mobile applications. Our policy also includes the other data collection channels, notably on the phone when you call our customer service or our agency. Each solution or service processing your personal data can have add privacy rules to the hereby policy, with its own general use conditions. For any further information about personal data protection, you can also visit the Data Protection Act website:

User: Any person connecting to the aforementioned website:


The Data we collect:

In France, personal data are notably protected by act n° 78-87 of January 6th, 1978, act n° 2004-801 of August 6th, 2004, article L. 226-13 of the Penal Code and the European Directive of October 24th, 1995.
On the website, the owner only collects the user’s personal data for some services offered by the website The user provides this information in full knowledge of the cause, notably when he/she enters it personally. The obligation to provide this information or not is then specified to the user of the website
The website collects your personal date when you:

• surf the website,
• create your account,
• send a form. The Data which could be collected are your name, first name, address, e-mail address, phone number.
• subscribe to the newsletter,
• order items online,
• pay online.


Special cases related to the newsletter:

The e-mail addresses collected as part of the mailing list are only used to send our newsletters. You can unsubscribe at any moment, just click the subscription cancellation link which is mentioned in each e-mail.


Personal data use and transmission:

None of the personal information belonging to the user of the website is published without the user’s knowledge. Neither it is exchanged, transferred, given or sold on any support to anyone. The buyout of the website and its rights would be the only possibility for its owner to transmit the aforementioned information to the buyer, who would be under the same data conservation and modification obligation regarding the user of the website
These data will be processed automatically by PLASTICON COMPOSITES, which is the data manager, or not, and are intended for PLASTICON COMPOSITES and its service providers (suppliers and delivery drivers).
The automated processing of your personal data aims to deal with your order, your subscriptions to our newsletters, the creation and management of your personal account, and more generally the management of the commercial and customer relationships.
Collecting personal data for distance selling is mandatory to confirm and validate the order placed by the customer as well as its monitoring and expedition. These data can be given to PLASTICON COMPOSITES service providers for the following reasons:

• With the aim of placing and delivering the order properly, according to the options selected by the customer when ordering (ex: collection mode and location) ; if necessary, data would possibly be controlled when collecting or delivering the order.
• Statistics.

By using the website and processing your data, you accept these transfers.


Data retention period:

Your personal data are retained long enough to achieve the goal followed when collecting them. For example, when you buy a product online or in store, we retain the data related to your purchase, which enables us to execute the specific contract you have accepted, then we retain personal data long enough to process or answer complaints or information requests regarding the purchase.
Your data can also be retained so that we can keep on improving your experience as a customer with us.
Your data will be retained long enough to achieve the aforementioned goals, which is to say 3 years from the commercial relationship date, namely the date of the Customer’s last contact.
Your personal data can also be retained longer due to specific legal obligations or applicable legal limitation periods, for example:

• 13 months for cookies from the date they were registered in your computer or terminal;
• 3 years for the customers identification data (name, first name, e-mail address, phone number…) after the commercial relationship termination.
• 6 years for tax documents;
• 10 years for accounting papers;
• If necessary, throughout the dispute time and until the exhaustion of legal remedies.


Exercise of your rights:

In conformity with the Data Protection Act of January 6th, 1978, here are your permanent rights:

• You have the right to ask for your Data access and modification.
• You have the right to ask for your Data processing limitation.
• You have the right to ask for your Data deletion.
• You are eligible for your Data portability (the possibility to get a part of your data back in an open and machine-readable format).

In a general way, in order to exercise your rights, please send your request (specifying your e-mail address, name, first name, postal address and a copy of your ID card) by e-mail to and/or by post to the following address:

PLASTICON COMPOSITES, 16, rue Robert Schuman, 85170 Dompierre/Yon, FRANCE

Any request has to be accompanied by a proof of identity. Please note that you can consult, modify or delete your personal data directly on our website by logging in your personal account, if necessary.
For any further information about your rights, you can visit the website of the CNIL.
We will send you an answer within 2 months following the reception date of your request.



Order management:

The customer’s personal data provided when he/she fills in a form (name, first name, company name, e-mail and postal addresses, landline and mobile phone numbers, bank information, password…) are collected by PLASTICON COMPOSITES Company in order to manage the orders properly (processing, transportation, invoices and guarantee contracts issuing…). The user is informed that the data are mandatory or optional. When the mandatory answers are missing, no order will be registered. Furthermore, the customer deliberately commits to communicate true and honest information about him/her.
The recipients of these data are those required for order processing and management.Therefore, they can be given to people and companies that are mandated by PLASTICON COMPOSITES Company, in charge of the order preparation, its transportation, customer service, etc. As explained below, data regarding orders payment are communicated to ATOS company for bank transactions.
In conformity with the article 6 of the legal outcome n°2005-112 of June 7th, 2005 and in order to meet the legal and regulatory obligations in the subject, customers’ personal data will be retained for 10 years. As for prospective customers’ data, they will be deleted within the year following their last contact or after two successive requests remaining unanswered.
PLASTICON COMPOSITES Company may be led to communicate these data if demanded by the legal authorities.


Bank data policy and transaction security:

PLASTICON COMPOSITES Company, owner of the website, ATOS company (Trade and Companies Register of Pontoise B 378 901 946) for credit-card transactions, are the recipients of the nominative data related to order payment. FIA-NET company is responsible for the automated processing of these data whose aim is to define the analysis level of a transaction and to fight bank fraud.

The non-transmission of these data prevents your transaction from being carried out and analyzed.

The appearance of an outstanding debt, due to the fraudulent use of a credit card will lead to a registration in a payment default record, implemented by FIA-NET SA, of the information related to the order associated with this outstanding debt. An irregular declaration or an anomaly will also be possibly handled specifically.

In conformity with the Data Protection Act of January 6th, 1978 you can use your right to oppose, access and modify your personal data, by sending a letter with an ID justification to:

Informatique et Libertés
39 rue Saint Lazare
77009 PARIS

ATOS company is responsible for credit-card transactions available on the website It provides a secure internet payment service (SIPS). The latter communicates with a payment server which controls the whole course of payment: the customer directly enters his/her credit-card number in the SIPS server of the bank, which controls the transaction validity and accepts or rejects the payment, then, the SIPS server informs PLASTICON COMPOSITES Company of the transaction success or failure.

Atos Worldline
River Ouest
80 Quai Voltaire
95870 Bezons

Besides, in order to meet the tax and legal obligations, a backup copy of each invoice will be retained for 10 years by PLASTICON COMPOSITES Company.

You can contact the French Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority at:

Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel (ACP)
61 rue Taitbout
75436 PARIS Cedex 09

Competition and Consumption Administrative Authority at:

59 bld Vincent Auriol
75703 Paris Cedex 13

Fraud fight:

PLASTICON COMPOSITES reserves the right to cancel a customer’s order due to problems (fraud or outstanding debt) which would have already occurred before. In any event, PLASTICON COMPOSITES keeps the property of the delivered items until the full payment of the price by the customer. The information related to the customer’s order can be automatically processed. This data automated processing aims to define the analysis level of a transaction and to fight bank fraud.

Frauds and outstanding debts consequences:

When the control of a payment or an order reveals an outstanding debt, a fraud or a fraud attempt, the Customer may be registered in a record listing frauds and outstanding debts until his/her situation is rectified. Under these conditions, PLASTICON COMPOSITES may refuse to fulfill the orders of the customers registered in this record until the situation is rectified.
In any case, the concerned customers will be individually informed.
In the event of a detected fraud, PLASTICON COMPOSITES reserves the right to cross-appeal, to ask for another mean of payment, or to cancel the order to guarantee the security of its online transactions.


Personal Data Breach Procedure:

In the event of a personal data breach, PLASTICON COMPOSITES Company commits to report the breach to the CNIL as well as to any user whose personal data would have been corrupt as soon as possible, and then to try to solve the breach and alleviate its possible consequences.